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Charter Service Pricing - Our operations are based out of Challis and Salmon, Idaho flying scenic flights and charters into Idaho’s back country, but we regularly pick up, drop off and shuttle people and gear between Boise, McCall and Hailey. We fly charters in and out of numerous backcountry airstrips in the region. 

Charter services are typically quoted one-way, by the airplane load. Scenic flights are typically priced by the half-hour and by the seat.  We set our prices at the beginning of the year so they may be subject to fuel surcharges to cover fluctuations in the price of Aviation Fuel. We buy bulk and provide fuel service for the airport so our prices are relatively stable, but we can’t control what happens in the Middle East. Call to get a firm quote.

Safety - If safety is your only concern, Middle Fork Aviation is your only choice. There is no Charter service flying into Idaho’s backcountry with a better safety record than Middle Fork Aviation. Any incidents or accidents in the last decade? Nope. Ask any competing Charter service this same question.

Our safety record beats all other regional charter services hands down and we aim to keep it that way.